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Low Voltage Directive

We are amid the most sought-after Low Voltage Directive Consultants. Having vast experience in Low Voltage Directive Consultancy, we offer quick, reliable Low Voltage Directive Services in Canada. The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC is one of the oldest Single Market Directives adopted before the "New" or "Global" Approach. However, Low Voltage Directive does characterize both with a conformity assessment procedure applied to equipment before placing on the Market and with Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) which such equipment must meet either directly or by means of harmonized standards.

The Low Voltage Directive ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits both provides a high level of protection for European citizens and enjoys a Single Market in the European Union. The Directive covers electrical equipment with a voltage between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current. It should be noted that these voltage ratings refer to the voltage of the electrical input or output, not to voltages that may appear inside the equipment. For most electrical equipment, the health aspects of emissions of Electromagnetic Fields are also under the domain of the Low Voltage Directive.

For electrical equipment within its scope, the Directive covers all health and safety risks, thus ensuring that electrical equipment is safe in its intended use. Guidelines on application and Recommendations are available - including LVD Administrative Co-operation Working Group (LVD ADCO) documents and recommendations - as well as European Commission opinions within framework of the Directive.