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CRN Registration

We offer CRN Registration Services to the clients. We undertake the CRN Registrations responsibility for our clients for designing pressure vessels, boilers, etc. We have expert CRN Registration Consultants to ensure that the registration is done within the given time limit. We are providing Provincial CRN Registration at very reasonable charges.

What is a Canadian Registration Number (CRN)?
The Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is a number issued by each province or territory of Canada to the design of a boiler, pressure vessel or fitting. The CRN identifies the design has been accepted and registered for use in that province or territory. The province or territory is represented by numeric digits following the decimal point within the CRN as shown in the list below. The first registering province or territory is the first digit after the decimal. For example, a design registered first in Ontario and then in Alberta might be issued the number 4321.52 :
  • 1 = British Columbia
  • 2 = Alberta
  • 3 = Saskatchewan
  • 4 = Manitoba
  • 5 = Ontario
  • 6 = Quebec
  • 7 = New Brunswick
  • 8 = Nova Scotia
  • 9 = Prince Edward Island
  • 0 = Newfoundland
  • N = Nunavut
  • T = Northwest Territories
  • Y = Yukon Territory

CRN Details :
  • A Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for a boiler or pressure vessel is defined by CSA B51 Clause 4.3 as: consisting of a letter, four digits, and a decimal point followed by up to ten digits and three letters. The first letter and four digits are part of a sequential numbering system used by the issuing province or territory
  • The first digit or letter to the right of the decimal point indicates the province that issued the particular number.
  • The letter C may follow the designation of first registration if a design is registered in all jurisdictions. No jurisdiction issues the letter C; it is a convenience for stamping once the manufacturer has received all the registrations.
  • The letters CL may follow the designation of first registration if a design is registered in all jurisdictions that require registration and is not registered in the jurisdictions that do not require registration. No jurisdiction issues the letter CL; it is a convenience for stamping once the manufacturer has received registrations for all jurisdictions that require registration. (The "L" means limited.)
  • To be eligible for use in Alberta, the CRN must have the digit 2, or the letter C, somewhere after the decimal point.

In Summary :
The manufacturer or person constructing or bringing into a Province (10 in total) a boiler, pressure vessel, pressure piping system or fitting must submit designs, including drawings, calculations and specifications, for review and registration. Design Surveyors conduct an independent survey of the design to verify that it meets the requirements of the act for registration.


If you are looking to manufacture or set up a Pressure Vessels in your plant for export to Canada, getting the vessel a Canadian Registration Number is a must. We, at R.Y.E. Enterprises, offer you our services for a hassle-free registration.

Getting approvals from government authorities before commencing the installations could be a hard task. However, if your unit requires the installation of a Boiler and it’s going to Canada, you can entrust RYE Enterprises for getting this task done in a trouble-free manner.

We, RYE Enterprises, are a prominent CRN registration service provider in Canada. For putting up Pressure Fittings related to Pressure Vessels and Boilers, getting a government approval is a necessity to ensure the safety of your men and machinery.

Piping is the basic structural requirement of any industry. The Piping System has to have CRN registered fittings if it is used with any pressure vessels or boilers and bigger than 1 inch in diameter. RYE Enterprises helps you to get a CRN registration in a wrangle-free manner.

For ensuring the safety of life and property at your manufacturing unit, it is imperative that your equipment is regularly checked and approved for use by authorities. For this very reason, CRN registrations are required to be renewed.

CRN, i.e. Canadian Registration Number is a special number issued to manufacturers of boilers, pressure vessels and fittings / piping as CRN registration is needed for every province. Each province or territory in Canada requires a fresh CRN number to be issued.

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