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August, 28, 2014

If you are into manufacturing, consumer products or electrical goods, which operate in the voltage range of 50 to 1000 volts of AC current or 75 to 1500 volt of DC current, then you will need to have your product certified as conforming to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) in conformity with the applicable standards internationally and also in the specific domestic market you might be selling your products in. You will need the support of a Low Voltage Directive Services provider to help you obtain this certification from the designated authorities.

List of Equipments Covered by LVD

The broad category or list of equipments which fall within the scope of the LVD requirement can be as below:

The Objectives and Directives

The primary objective of the governments enforcing these Low Voltage Directives is to ensure the safety of the citizens who use these products in their homes or workplaces. So the equipments being manufactured and marketed either within the country or exported have to be free from the risks. In defining these risks, the Low Voltage Directive lay down 11 different risks or ‘safety objectives,’ which need to be met. These risks will not only encompass the electrical but also mechanical and chemical (if the equipments are capable of emitting any harmful substances) and so on. The aspects of noise and vibrations caused by these equipments will also be governed by the Directive. Even the emission of an electro- magnetic field will fall in the scope of the 11 risks under the LVD. If your products are being exported to the European Union countries, there is no way you can sell your products there without the Low Voltage Directive certification.

The Low Voltage Directive Services providers in Canada will assist you in the process of not only ensuring that the designing of your products conform to the standards, both the harmonized international standards and country-specific requirements, but also assist in obtaining the certification from the designated authorities in Canada.

These service providers have much experience in handling such issues. They know how to complete the formalities while demonstrating your products to the authorities and make sure that the entire process is very smoothly conducted.

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