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Posted by Admin on December, 24, 2014

A CRN number implies that a Canadian Registration Number has been issued by a Canadian jurisdiction authority to pressure vessels, pressure piping, boilers, and fittings. It is a necessary authorisation that allows the various types components that are normally used with extreme pressure to be used freely in Canada. A Provincial CRN registration number is the number that has been issued by the province or Canadian territory such pressure vessels and boilers. The manufacturer of these items first needs to design and plan the pattern of vessel or boiler with relevant specifications, drawings, test data and calculations. The owner of the pressure vessel or boiler must also ensure that the container is maintained in the safest working conditions and is handled carefully.

The design registration requirements of industrial and other equipment

  • The design of high-pressure vessels and boilers must be registered prior to the manufacture and usage of such. It must be registered with the director.
  • No person should start making use of such equipment unless he or she has considered all the risks related to such items.
  • Pressure vessels or boilers must display the seal or signature of the experienced, professional engineer who was involved in designing them.
  • Design registration can be cancelled even after it has been issued if the inspector finds a defect in the equipment under subsection (5).
  • If the unused boiler or pressure vessel has already been manufactured but its specification and design has not been registered, the director may inspect it carefully and, if it passes the inspection, issue inspection certificate.

What happens in case unsafe condition for operation of boiler or pressure vessel is detected?
If it is found that the boiler or pressure vessel is being operated in an unsafe working or operation condition, then the inspector or insurer will send notification of this fact to the director stating that the industrial equipment is operated in dangerous manner. The director will then take all necessary steps along with the inspector to remove potential dangers.

Provincial CRN registration of pressure vessels
The person or manufacturer wishing to manufacture and sell a boiler, pressure piping system, or pressure vessel is required to submit the specifications and designs of the equipment. All the details about the equipment go for review before that the product receives its registration. Design surveyors then conduct an independent survey of the design in order to verify whether it meets the requirements for registration or not. Getting approval for the installation of a boiler from the Government authority may be a tough task as there are several dangers that are associated with the working of boilers.

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