Documentation Process of CRN Registration for Pressure Vessels- Explained

Posted by Admin on May, 22, 2015

For any industrial unit where Pressure Vessels and Boilers are to be used, getting them registered under the provincial authorities is a mandatory thing. CRN Registration for Pressure Vessels refers to a unique Canadian Registration Number, which is issued to these vessels and boilers to certify their compliance with the set standards and declare them fit for use in a given area. The most important but complex step of getting CRN is the documentation process. Vessels will be reviewed as per the documents submitted by you. Certainly you would have many questions regarding these documents, which we have attempted to answer herein…

Documents to be submitted

  • A completely filled "Application for Registration of Design" for each Pressure Vessel and Boiler.
  • Precise design drawings and calculations.
  • Proof of prior registration of the vessel in any other Canadian jurisdiction (if applicable)
  • The pertinent fee as per the present-day fee schedule.

What all should the document include?

  • Pressure and temperature calculations
  • Detailed description about the arrangement of components, also including the minimum thickness of parts and formed heads
  • Details of the proposed changes in the design or construction and welded joint arrangements
  • Ratings of flanges
  • Applicable heat treatments, such as, pressure holding time and temperature
  • Type of test pressure: hydrostatic or pneumatic
  • Reports of any other test conducted on the vessel for checking its maximum allowable operational conditions
  • Any other information demanded by the chief inspector

Make sure that all the documents submitted have been filled accurately, with details of every minor and major influential factor and without any scope for making assumptions. The documents should be in the smallest, legible size. And do remember that incomplete applications are not processed.

CRN Registration for Boiler
CRN registration for Pressure Vessels

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