CSA Registration Services: Certification and testing for a successful registration

November, 25, 2014

CSA Registration Services offer services related to CSA registration and all associated responsibilities with it. The services engage in certification, testing and registration. They test the products and certify them so that they can be sold at home or exported to Canada and the USA. This aids in eradicating the requirement of duplicate testing. This way the client can save money as well as time. The services are handled by a specialized panel of consultants for CSA registration. They test the products to the applicability of the standards of Canada and US. They then issue the CSA registration to the products that are qualified.

CSA registration is provided to products like:

The registration services get the certification done after proper testing. Having CSA registration implies sign of safety and high quality of the product. With this international recognition to the product, the client gets an identification as a manufacturer, supplier or exporter, who is credible and reliable. This is the best method to introduce new products in the markets of Canada and USA.

The services offered by CSA Registration Services are:

The services are widely accepted in the markets of North America. The mark of registration of CSA is reputable as any product that is CSA registered is known to be certified after independent testing to meet standards of performance and safety.

The services make the work of the client simpler and quicker. They will ensure a quality job done at each step to get a successful result, as per the client’s satisfaction. Each step is ensured of perfection by the skilled team of professionals. They make sure that the whole operation is hassle free for the client and the standards are maintained. The services are genuine and trustworthy with certification done at a stipulated amount of time. The services are offered at an affordable price to the client. The quality and reliability for the customer is not compromised at any step. The job is done to the benefit for the customer and the public on the whole with all safety, quality and reliability standards met to obtain the registration.

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Eliminating the need for further testing with CSA registration in Canada

December, 24, 2014

CSA registration in Canada is provided for a varied range of electrical, gas, plumbing and mechanical product and is the mark of a credible manufacturer. It is important for such products to carry the CSA mark which is internationally recognised, and apart from this, it becomes fairly easy for the manufacturer to introduce his/her products in both Canada and US markets. In short, it is the sign of safety and quality. By availing oneself of the CSA mark, one can get their services and products tested, and then certified. This in turn ensures that they meet the quality standards of both the US and Canada. With a CSA Registration in Canada there will be no need for any duplicate testing and one will be able to save precious time and money. Those who are involved in CSA services have a panel of CSA consultants who test the products as per US and Canadian standards. After the product and service passes the test, CSA mark is issued for any qualified product.

Promotion of effective standardisation in Canada
The Canadian Standards Association, or CSA, is a non-profit organisation that develops standards in nearly 57 areas. It is responsible for publishing standards in electronic form or print, and also offers necessary training and advisory services. It is comprised of representatives from government, consumer products groups, and industry groups. This team’s entire focus is the promotion of effective standardisation of products in Canada. Because of this, it is addressed as either the Standards Development Body or the Certification Body. It is accredited to carry out the verification function that is based on recognised procedures and criteria on a global basis. The powerful CSA mark shows that the product has been independently tested to meet the recognised global safety standards and performance.

What are the products on which CSA offers its mark?
CSA strives to develop the standard. One can find its mark over the products of 57 distinct areas. Its mark can be seen on electronic and electrical equipment, boilers, pressure vessels, industrial equipment, gas handling compressed appliances, construction materials, and environmental protection materials. After the product acquires the mark, there is no need for any further law to govern its usage as only a licensed authority can apply the CSA mark after proper testing of the product. A product with CSA mark can be used for industrial or any other purpose.

The concept of CSA is as old as World War I when great injuries with technical resources due to lack of interoperability occurred. It caused injuries, death and great frustration and then Britain requested Canada to formulate a standard committee.

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