ATEX Consultancy Services: for an efficient processing of ATEX Directive

October, 21, 2014

ATEX Consultancy Services are expert in getting ATEX Directive for your industrial segments. They are the service providers who are prominent in Directive Consultancy services and processes of ATEX. Their services are time bound and highly efficient that are provided to various industrial segments.

ATEX directive comprises of 2 directives that involve both work environment as well as the equipment that is permitted in an explosive atmosphere.

They are:

ATEX implies to 'Atmospheres Exposables' or the ATEX Equipment Directive which covers:

This ATEX directive comprises of the coverage to all the equipments that are meant for the use in atmospheres that can be potentially explosive or have a possibility of an explosion via their ignition sources. It covers the protective systems that are meant to pause the incipient explosions on an immediate basis or at least limit the range of effectiveness of flames of the explosion and their pressure components. These can be any associated items that are needed for safe functioning of the protective system or the equipment. There is no autonomous function linked with it.

Groups related to ATEX Directive:
These are the groups into which the products and equipment are segregated into:

ATEX Consultancy Services aid at every step of obtaining the directive certification without any hassles. They offer this service at a nominal price and at a stipulated amount of time. Each step is taken care by a skilled team of professionals who are well versed with the services. The services are genuine and trustworthy to the client’s utmost satisfaction. The certification is ensured after thorough testing and checking, for the maintenance of standards. Safety and quality are ensured in the work and overall job operation.

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