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R.Y.E. Enterprises is a well-known Service Provider and  CRN Consultants In Canada. R.Y.E. is providing different services to clients such as CRN Registration, CSA Registration,ATEX Directive and Canadian Registration Number. Today, we strictly help companies that want to export to Canada, United States, European Union or Europe itself. We have direct contacts at all Provincial Agency’s in Canada for CRN Registration and work with the best Notified Bodies for directive services.We are reliable Canadian Registration Number provider.

R.Y.E. Enterprises was established in 1995 in Ontario (Canada). The company is running very smoothly with the acute business sense of Mr. Richard M. Essery, who holds the designation of Principal. We have contacts at most provincial agencies like ABSA (Alberta) and TSSA (Ontario), who we do business with, on a regular basis. As well, we have many relationships with Notified Bodies that certify vessels for ATEX, MD and LVD. Please call or email at your convenience. We are located in Ontario and the Eastern Time Zone.

History :
At the time of our inception, we were consulting and developing strategies for Y2K. We worked close with those companies that had large mainframes that were originally programmed in the 50’s. As time passed, we evolved in a Services only company. Read more...